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AFRA has delivered many successful enterprise wide (ERP) systems and custom solutions to different organizations in the financial, retail, communications, manufacturing, entertainment and government sectors, and understands the challenges facing these industries.

The packaged applications we implement/support include ORACLE ™®, PeopleSoft ™®, SAP ™®, and ETOS ™®.
AFRA also provides the following services for custom application development and as part of an ERP solution.
- Project Planning and Management
- Fit / Gap Analysis
- Systems Integration
- Technical Design & Specifications Development
- Data Conversion / Interfaces
- Web Enablement and Self-Service
- Custom Application Design, Development, Testing and/or Implementation
- Pilot/Systems Integration Testing
- Employee Identification and Safety
"DBI Payroll team is thrilled about the custom solution you bulit for us. The new system is easy to use even for our new hires. We now process payroll in-house in one day and cut down on overtime. The best part is there is no more outsourcing fees."
DBI Communications
ORACLE ™®, PeopleSoft ™®, SAP ™®, and ETOS ™® are products of ORACLE, PeopleSoft, SAP and CETEC Automation respectively
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